Finding a No Credit Check Texas Lights Company

by admin on June 25, 2010

Texas no deposit electricity companies

Find Texas no deposit electricity companies

When searching for a lights company in Texas that will not ask you for a deposit you will quickly discover that a prepaid electricity company is the only company that offers something like this.

Unfortunately prepaid Texas electricity companies charge about double what traditional competitive electricity companies will charge you.

They hook new customers in by offering a $99 start up fee. This fee does not explain that this may only cover a week or two of electricity service charges.

It isn’t a deposit and it does apply to your electricity account but if it only pays for one week of lights service you may want to reconsider your prepaid TX electricity company.

Rather than avoiding cheaply prices traditional electricity companies that run credit checks I recommend attempting to sign up with a few different ones.

See which electric company offers you the cheapest deposit amount for your Texas lights service and sign up with them. Don’t forget to pay attention to what their electricity rate is they are offering.

You can compare TX electricity service companies using the comparison chart on this page.

Just pick the cheapest electric company in the chart and apply online. These electricity providers will let you no what if any deposit is needed.

You will find that the Texas electricity companies in our chart will be much more willing to look out for your interests as their customer than a prepaid electric company which generally tricks desperate unsuspecting customers into a very high Texas electric rate.

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